How to Craft a Persuasive Letter of Continued Interest: Tips and Strategies

When it comes to the college application process, expressing continued interest in a school can be a valuable tool for applicants. One effective way to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm is by writing a persuasive letter of continued interest.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of crafting a well-structured and compelling letter that showcases your growth, achievements, and genuine desire to attend the college of your dreams.

Keep it Concise and Purposeful

A well-written letter of continued interest should be concise and focused. Avoid rambling or unnecessarily elongating the letter, as admissions officers are often inundated with a high volume of applications to review. Instead, zero in on notable achievements and experiences since submitting your initial application.

By highlighting these key points, you demonstrate your ongoing dedication and growth in your academic pursuits.

Showcase Relevant Accomplishments

One crucial aspect of the letter is to emphasize any noteworthy accomplishments that have occurred since submitting your application. This includes academic achievements, extracurricular involvements, and personal development. However, it’s essential to only include activities that align with your intended major or demonstrate a genuine passion for learning.

Remember, the goal is not to artificially inflate your application but to showcase your continued growth and engagement.

Highlight Academic Progress

If your grades have notably improved since submitting your application and you haven’t yet submitted a mid-year report (or if the college doesn’t require one), it is vital to communicate this important update. Briefly mention your improved academic performance, providing evidence of your commitment to self-improvement.

This information can have a positive impact on the admissions officers, indicating your dedication and potential as a student.

Reinforce Your Desire to Attend

To prove your unwavering commitment to the college, take a few sentences to express your ongoing enthusiasm about attending. Explain why you still consider the college as your top choice and identify a specific reason that resonates with you.

By crafting a compelling narrative, admissions officers can gain insights into your motivation and goals, reinforcing your passion and compatibility with the institution.

Paint a Picture of Yourself on Campus

To create a personal connection with the admissions officers, illustrate vividly how you see yourself thriving on campus. Share your visions of participating in clubs, engaging in research opportunities, or collaborating with professors in your desired field.

By painting this picture, you demonstrate proactive engagement and a genuine interest in becoming an integral part of the college community.

Demonstrate Continued Engagement

Finally, it is crucial to demonstrate ongoing engagement with the college. Mention any recent interactions you have had, such as attending virtual events, reaching out to faculty or current students, or joining online communities related to your prospective major or interests.

This demonstrates your eagerness to actively participate in the college community while building connections and staying informed about campus developments.


Ultimately, the letter of continued interest serves as an opportunity to reiterate your commitment to the college and provide valuable updates since submitting your application. By following these tips and strategies, you can craft a persuasive, well-structured letter that captures the attention of admissions officers.

Remember to maintain clarity, authenticity, and a genuine passion for the institution, allowing your personality and determination to shine through. Good luck with your college journey!

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