The Best College YouTubers You Have to Follow in 2024

As a high school or college student, there’s always a desire to touch on what it’s like to be in the shoes of successful college Youtubers. Among the top-listed are vloggers from diverse campuses, ranging from the University of Southern California to Harvard University. These content creators use their daily experiences in college and blend it with their skills in video creation, resulting in relatable and engaging Youtube channels that offer great advice to viewers.

Best College YouTubers in 2024

Crimson Education

Crimson Education’s YouTube channel provides valuable insights into the college application process, offering tips and strategies for prospective students. With a team of experts, they cover topics ranging from choosing the right college to crafting compelling essays and acing interviews. Their content is especially beneficial for high school students navigating the competitive world of college admissions.

Domonique Cynthia

Domonique Cynthia shares her college experiences, vlogs, and study routines on her YouTube channel. Her content is relatable and provides a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a college student. From dorm room tours to time management advice, Domonique’s videos are both entertaining and informative for viewers interested in the college lifestyle.


CampusReel offers an innovative approach to college exploration by providing virtual campus tours. The channel features student-generated videos, allowing prospective students to get an authentic feel for various colleges. This resource is invaluable for those unable to visit campuses in person, offering a diverse range of perspectives on campus life.

Eliot Choi

Eliot Choi’s channel is a blend of lifestyle vlogs and college-related content. From sharing insights into his major to documenting his experiences with internships, Eliot provides a well-rounded view of his life as a college student. His videos are not only engaging but also offer valuable advice for those interested in pursuing a similar academic path.

Alexandra Kusio

Alexandra Kusio’s YouTube channel revolves around the theme of productivity and academic success. She shares study tips, time management strategies, and organizational hacks that have helped her excel in college. Alexandra’s content is particularly beneficial for students looking to enhance their study habits and boost their overall academic performance.

Bella Jung

Bella Jung’s YouTube channel provides a creative take on the college experience. Through vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content, Bella offers an entertaining perspective on student life. Her channel is a refreshing mix of humor and relatability, making it a go-to for those seeking a break from traditional college advice videos.

Jayde Emery

Jayde Emery’s channel focuses on mental health and wellness in college. She shares personal experiences, coping mechanisms, and tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Jayde’s content is essential for students navigating the challenges of academia while prioritizing their mental well-being.

Maddy Kim


Arpi Park

Cath in College


Anna From Indiana

Katie Tracy

Reece Lopez

May Gao

Kaito Ran

Alexis Elena

Angie Kim

Nicolas Chae


Hanna Likes Science



chili shi


Michelle Yuan

Angelica Song

Edward Sa

gina min


Ally Gong

John Fish

Sienna Santer


christine lee

Josh Beasley


Victoria Lim

Hannah Maria

Louisa Nordstrom

Natasha Martina

sophia qureshi

Krystle DiCristofalo



Maya Par

Why these college Youtubers stand out from the rest

It’s not just about their charisma; these college Youtubers have a unique knack for communication which keeps the viewers hooked. They share helpful tips and tricks, from surviving move-in day to managing the hectic college routine. Their understanding of influencer marketing and familiarity with their audience’s requirements set them apart.

How these Youtubers adapt to the evolving vlog scene

These innovative Youtubers understand that the content landscape is constantly evolving. They stay updated and adapt their content to stay relevant. From dorm tours to sessions on tackling sophomore year, these Youtubers offer a broad range of content to ensure they cater to all students.

How do these college Youtubers use their university experience in their vlogs?

University experiences form the backbone of their vlogs. By showcasing their daily college lifestyle and integrating elements like campus, academics, and college fashion, these influencers craft Youtube videos that feel like a walk through their college days. They offer viewers a “day in the life” experience through their vlogs, providing a taste of various university settings and cultures.

Showcasing the daily college lifestyle through vlogs

Everything from freshman year to graduation,these Youtubers cover it all. They provide behind-the-scenes looks at dorm life, Greek life, and college culture, making their content engaging and relatable for both prospective and current students alike.

Strategies Youtubers use to engage with a college student audience

From university-themed challenges to study with me sessions, college Youtubers have adopted unique ways to keep their audience entertained. They use a laid-back yet informative style, effectively combining education and entertainment.

The role of university culture and settings in their video content

University settings add a unique flavor to the Youtube video content. The college environment, be it college fests, libraries or the sports arena, puts viewers right in the middle of the action. College Youtubers beautifully incorporate these elements, giving an authentic feel of the campus life.

What range of content do the best college youtubers offer?

Whether you’re a freshman seeking tips for your first year, a senior looking for grad school advice, or a recent graduate seeking career tips—college Youtubers have you covered. They offer a wide range of content, takeaway tips, and tricks that are both entertaining and informative.

Diverse college content: Study advice to campus tour vlogs

From study tips to campus tour vlogs, the content range of these Youtubers is vast. Be it tackling junior year challenges, mastering sophomore schedules or surviving senior year, they offer great advice to help fellow students navigate college life.

Tips and tricks shared by Youtubers about college life

College Youtubers are pros at packaging useful advice in an entertaining format. From sharing study hacks to tips on balancing academics and social life, their content is a treasure trove of helpful college survival strategies.

Freshman to senior: The breadth of topics covered by college Youtubers

Beginning from freshman year to stepping out as a graduate, college Youtubers take you through the whole journey. They cover topics like maintaining a weekly study routine, college fashion, managing college grind and even taking care of mental health through their vlogs.

How the top college Youtubers organize their channel and schedule posts?

Being a successful Youtuber while managing college isn’t an easy task—it takes a lot of planning and organization. Let’s look at how these top college YouTubers manage to stay consistent and relevant with their posts while juggling college life.

Managing academic life and content creation: A behind-the-scenes look

Content creation and academics demand a lot of time and energy. College Youtubers often have to create a study and vlogging balance. Weekly posting schedules, brainstorming new vlog ideas and long editing hours are just a part of what goes on behind the scenes.

Tactics to stay consistent: The art of weekly posting

Consistency is key in the vlogging world. Most college Youtubers stick to a weekly posting routine, keeping their audience engaged with regular content. Scheduling helps them manage their time effectively and ensures regular interaction with viewers.

The role of planning and organization in maintaining a successful college Youtube channel

Planning is a crucial part of maintaining a successful YouTube channel. Top Youtubers invest their time in understanding what their audience likes, planning their content ahead and organizing their video schedules to ensure they not only create content but also ace their exams.

Why follow College YouTubers?

Following college Youtubers isn’t just about entertainment. It’s about connecting with influencers who share your college struggles and experiences, and learning from them.

Learning from influencers: How these Youtubers entertain and educate

College Youtubers have mastered the art of combining education with entertainment. They share tips, advice, and experiences through their vlogs, making learning fun and relatable.

Influencers as companions: Sharing the college struggle through vlogs

Watching these Youtubers is like having a companion who knows what you’re going through. From sharing their own struggles and successes, they inspire viewers and create a sense of community among students.

The benefits of incorporating college Youtubers’ advice into your college routine

Incorporating the tips and advice shared by these Youtubers into your daily college routine can prove extremely helpful. They offer practical methods to manage the college grind, ways to enhance study sessions, and even tips on maintaining a well-balanced college lifestyle.

So if you’re already in college or about to join one, don’t forget to check out these vloggers for some great advice, relatable content, and a good dose of fun. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button!

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