Want to Work in Sports and Still Make Money? Here Are Careers to Consider

Are you passionate about sports but don’t see yourself as a professional athlete? Not to worry, there are plenty of sports-related careers that can keep you close to the action while still earning a decent income. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or a former high school team captain, there are opportunities for you to turn your love for sports into a fulfilling profession.

In this article, we’ll explore some lucrative and rewarding careers that can help you make a splash in the sporting world.

1. Sports Medicine Doctor

If you have a deep interest in the medical field and a passion for helping athletes, a career as a sports medicine doctor might be the perfect fit for you. Sports medicine doctors play a vital role in treating athletes by providing care for a range of issues, including nutrition, injury prevention, substance abuse, and sports psychology. While some sports medicine doctors work directly with teams on the field, many operate out of private practices and hospitals.

To become a sports medicine doctor, you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree followed by medical school. The journey typically spans around 8 years, including clinical rotations. However, the dedication pays off, as the average national salary for a sports medicine doctor is around $241,749.

2. Sports Communication Manager

For those with excellent communication skills and a knack for managing brands, a career as a sports communication manager can offer a thrilling blend of sports and marketing. Sports communication managers are responsible for handling all aspects of athletes’ communication with the media, including social media management, press releases, interviews, and brand partnerships.

To thrive in this role, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or public relations is often required. Building strong written and verbal communication skills is essential. The average national salary for a sports communication manager is around $75,500.

3. Statistician

If numbers are your game, a career as a sports statistician might be the perfect match. Sports statisticians come in two types: academic and recorder. Academic sports statisticians analyze data over time, allowing for broader observations about game changes and patterns. Recorder statisticians, on the other hand, attend sporting events to record statistics in real-time, keep score, and prepare game summaries.

To land one of these coveted roles, a bachelor’s degree in math, computer science, or statistical analysis is typically required. A strong knowledge of sports and relevant experience, such as internships or volunteer work with professional teams, can also give you a competitive edge. The average national salary for a sports statistician is approximately $84,000.

4. Physical Therapist

If you have a passion for both sports and healthcare, becoming a physical therapist specializing in sports rehabilitation might be the ideal career path for you. Physical therapists play a crucial role in helping athletes recover from injuries and develop treatment plans to keep them in optimal condition while avoiding further harm.

However, becoming a physical therapist requires substantial dedication. You’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and then pursue a doctorate in physical therapy, amounting to about 8 years of education and training. The average national salary for a physical therapist is around $86,500.

5. Sports Marketer

For those with a creative flair and a talent for strategic thinking, a career in sports marketing offers a world of opportunities. Sports marketers are responsible for building an audience, promoting events, and supporting both the team and its athletes. They are the driving force behind filling stadiums, spreading the word about meet-and-greet opportunities, and ensuring positive public relations.

To excel in sports marketing, a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism is often required. Internships during college can provide valuable hands-on experience, while networking can help you establish connections within major agencies. The average national salary for a sports marketer ranges from $115,000 to $117,000.


In the world of sports, opportunities abound beyond the playing field. If you’re passionate about sports and have a desire to turn your passion into a profession, consider exploring these exciting careers.

Remember, as Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” While sports-related careers can be competitive, taking the leap and pursuing your dreams in the sporting industry can lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career. So, lace up those career boots and get ready to make your mark on the world of sports!

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