How to Graduate in Three Years

The average student earns their Bachelor’s Degree within four to five years and requires a total of 120 credits to complete. However, it’s possible to complete the degree and graduate in three years. 

It will take careful planning and a lot of work— but here’s how you can do it!

Start in high school if you can 

Did you know that many high schools across the United States offer their students opportunities to earn college credits before they graduate? 

Generally speaking, these classes are more advanced and require extra work, which is why they count for both high school and college credit. These classes tend to count towards general education credits like math, science, and English. 

Didn’t think to start while in high school? That’s okay; you still have options.

Take advantage of Summer and Winter Sessions

While attending classes over break periods may not sound very exciting, it’s a great way to earn your credits and graduate early. 

Colleges and universities will let you take up to two classes per summer or winter session. This means you can take an additional twelve credit hours per year!

By taking advantage of summer and winter courses, you can get yourself on track to complete your Bachelor’s degree in only three years.

Enroll in and complete more credits per semester

Choosing to enroll in more than twelve credit hours per semester can help get you closer to finishing and graduate early. 

Students are considered full-time once they’ve enrolled in twelve credit hours, and some choose to take as many as eighteen. Taking this many credits can be very challenging, but if you’re organized and determined to graduate early, you can do it!

For students in their junior or senior year of high school thinking of fast-tracking their college experience, it’s good to consider all of this information and start planning. The best approach, or least overwhelming as we see it, is to try and incorporate all of the above into your college learning plan. 

Already graduated from high school? Don’t worry. While it may be a busy few years, you can use the tips above to earn your college degree and graduate in three years. 

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