How to Convert Grades to US GPA: A Guide for International Students

As an international student applying to colleges in the United States, you may encounter the need to convert your grades from your home country’s curriculum to the US GPA system.

In this article, we will provide you with guidance on how to navigate this process and ensure that your grades accurately represent your academic achievements. While each college has its own policies regarding GPA conversion, we will provide you with general advice to help you understand the best approach.

Understanding the Conversion Process

  1. Follow Instructions: Unless explicitly instructed by a school to convert your grades, it is generally advised not to do so. Instead, report your exams, board results, or predicted grades exactly as they appear on your transcript. Colleges will either convert your grades themselves or evaluate your results within the context of your school and education system.
  2. UC GPA Calculation: If you are applying to University of California (UC) schools, you may be required to calculate your UC GPA. To assist you with this, you can use the UC GPA Calculator provided by RogerHub. However, keep in mind that UC schools offer limited financial aid to international and out-of-state students, and non-California residents are expected to pay full tuition.
  3. Estimating GPA for Personal Use: If you need a personal estimate of your GPA on the common 4.0 unweighted or 5.0 weighted scale, you can visit GPA Calculator. It is important to note that this should only be used as an estimate, and you should not enter this information into your Common Application unless your school calculates GPA in this manner.

College-Specific Recalculation Policies

It is crucial to recognize that each college has its own approach to recalculating GPA, and unfortunately, many colleges are not transparent about their specific process. While some colleges may simply rely on the GPA provided on the transcript, others may have a more comprehensive evaluation method.

It is advisable to contact individual colleges directly or consult their websites to gain insight into their specific policies.

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Converting your grades from your home country’s curriculum to the US GPA system can be a complex task. Remember to always follow the instructions provided by each college, as they may have specific guidelines on GPA conversion. Additionally, make use of the resources available, such as GPA calculators, to get a better understanding of your academic standing.

As you navigate the college application process, stay proactive, seek guidance when needed, and present your academic achievements in the most accurate and comprehensive manner possible. Good luck with your college applications!

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