Can You Get Certified as an Electrician Online? Exploring Your Options

These days online education has gained more momentum. Most because it provides a flexible schedule and the overall cost is typically lower than attending a traditional two or four-year college or university. Students have the option to pursue a certification, diploma, and degree online the same way they would at a traditional college. 

Many often questioned whether it is possible to get certified as an electrician online. The short answer is yes. You can get certified as an electrician online. Enrolling in an electrician online certification program is one of the first steps in starting a career in the industry.

Electrician schools help speed up the certification process by offering classes you’ll need to get certified via their online platforms. Completing a certification program online will give you the flexibility to choose when and where to learn at an affordable price. 

How to Become an Electrician Online – Popular Schools

Attending the right school is as crucial as taking classes. Here are a few online electrician schools that will give you the necessary tools to succeed in this field:

What to expect when studying to become an Electrician

Online learning requires an extra level of dedication and focus. Still, you will be able to learn all the necessary electrician information. To promote a successful turnaround, schools may offer a general class in online learning as a prerequisite. The goal is to introduce students to an online learning environment. 

You should expect to take industry-specific courses that prepare you for certification. Students may take practical classes in safety, industrial systems, electrical installation, and advanced electrical wiring to obtain certification. 

Certification programs typically last about 12-18 months. While taking online classes, you’ll have the opportunity to gain the technical and mechanical skills required to become an electrician or certified electrical technician. Some programs include an internship component for students to gain real-life electrical work experience. 

Many certified electricians recommend enrolling in an accredited school. This type of school helps widen students’ job searches and increases their chances of landing a high paying job.


Most of these schools require a high school diploma, along with passing a series of online exams. Additionally, you may be required to participate in hands-on training to power your career path. You may want to consider a local apprenticeship or a shadowing job to acquire all essential practical and mechanical skills. 

Keep in mind; each school has its requirements. Make sure you research each school individually. 

Electrician Restrictions

Due to the hands-on nature of this trading field, online electrician schools are not widely available. However, hybrid diplomas and online programs are offered at a few schools across the U.S. for those interested. 

What to expect: After obtaining certification

Once you have your certification, it’s time to think about your next step.

The demand for this trade career keeps growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the electrician industry will grow in the next few years. Experts expect this high growth field to increase by 10% by 2028. 

Where to search for electrician jobs? Search for electrical work experience around your local community. You have all the necessary tools to succeed and embark on the next stage of your life. 

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