Top 5 Creative Careers with High Salaries and Demand

You may not be the next Vincent van Gogh or Steve Jobs, but if you have a creative mind and are in search of a creative career, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite top-paying creative careers. 

Art Director

An Art Director determines which photographs, artwork, or designs to use in movie productions, museum displays, magazines, newspapers, or even product packaging. You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in an art or design subject along with industry-related work experience. 

The average pay for an Art Director is around $96,000 per year.

Industrial Designer 

For those looking to combine art, business, and engineering to create manufactured products, this is the career for you. While primarily working in offices, you’ll have opportunities to travel to testing facilities, design centers, and even client sites where products are made and manufactured. 

You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree to pursue a career in this field and an electronic portfolio of work examples and design projects to present to potential clients or employers. 

The average pay for an Industrial Designer is around $69,000 per year.

Digital Marketing Manager

For those seeking a career in advertising, promotions, and marketing plans for products and services, you might consider being a Digital Marketing Manager. While a Bachelor’s Degree is required, experience in sales and marketing will help you advance. You’ll likely work in an advertising agency, regional, or corporate managing office. 

The average pay for a Digital Marketing Manager is around $135,000 per year.

Fashion Designer

A life in fashion appeals to many, but it’s not an easy profession to get land. It’s competitive, but if you have the drive, then you can be successful. The first step is getting a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, merchandising, or another related field. 

You’ll need to have some technical knowledge about production processes for clothing, footwear, and accessories if you want to move up. Most fashion designers work in manufacturing or wholesale establishments, apparel companies, or design firms based in New York and California. 

The average pay for a fashion designer is around $74,000 per year.

Film and Video Editor

If you are going to school for film or broadcasting, then a film or video editing career is a great choice. Film and video editing give you a lot of creative opportunities to create something and make it “come to life” through a camera. You’ll primarily work in office and studio locations, but there will be opportunities to capture raw footage to add to your creations. 

The average pay for a film and video editor is around $64,000 per year.


While this isn’t a comprehensive list of creative careers, these choices offer many opportunities to incorporate your own creativity in your everyday work. These jobs are in high-demand and require applicants who can put their visions into action. 

Good luck out there, and we wish you a world of success on your creative career journey!

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