How to Go to Prom With Someone As ‘Just Friends’

Prom night is often portrayed as a magical and romantic event in movies, TV shows, and songs. But what if you don’t have a romantic partner to go with? Or what if you just want to have fun with your friends without any pressure or expectations?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every year, many teenagers go to prom with someone as “just friends”. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Prom can be a great opportunity to celebrate your friendship and enjoy yourself with your peers.

However, going to prom with someone as “just friends” can also be tricky. You need to set some boundaries and communicate clearly with your friend-date. You don’t want to send mixed signals or hurt their feelings. You also want to avoid any awkward situations or misunderstandings.

So, how do you go to prom with someone as “just friends”? Here are some tips to help you out.

Be Honest and Direct

The first and most important thing you need to do is to tell your friend-date that you want to go with them as “just friends”. Don’t beat around the bush or assume they know what you mean. Say it explicitly: “I’d love to go with you… as friends.”

This may sound harsh, but it’s actually the kindest thing you can do. You don’t want to lead them on or give them false hope. That would be rude and unfair. Instead, be honest and direct. Tell them that you value their friendship and that you think it would be fun to go to prom together. But also make it clear that you’re not interested in anything more than that.

If they agree to go with you as “just friends”, great. You can proceed to plan your prom night together. If they decline or say they want to go with someone in a romantic way, respect their decision. Don’t take it personally or try to change their mind. They have the right to choose who they want to go with. Just thank them for their honesty and move on.

Plan Ahead

Once you and your friend-date have agreed to go to prom as “just friends”, you need to plan ahead. There are some things you need to discuss and decide together, such as:

Prom flowers

Do you want to get each other prom flowers, such as corsages or boutonnieres? This doesn’t have to be a romantic gesture. You can do it for the sake of tradition or as a sign of friendship. However, you may want to avoid overly romantic flowers, such as roses or orchids. Instead, opt for something more casual, such as daisies or sunflowers.


How are you going to get to and from prom? Are you going to ride in a limo together or with a group of friends? Are you going to drive yourselves or take public transportation? Make sure you coordinate your transportation plans and share the costs accordingly.


What are you going to do after prom? Are you going to join the after-prom parties or activities? Are you going to hang out with your other friends or go home? Make sure you communicate your expectations and preferences with your friend-date. You don’t want to leave them hanging or ditch them without notice.

Have Fun

The most important thing you need to do when you go to prom with someone as “just friends” is to have fun. Don’t let the pressure or the hype get to you. Prom is supposed to be a memorable and enjoyable night for everyone.

You can still do all the things that prom-goers do, such as:

Take photos

You can still take awesome photos with your friend-date and your other friends. You can pose in funny or silly ways, or just smile and look happy. You can also use props or accessories to spice up your photos. Just remember to be respectful and appropriate. Don’t make your friend-date uncomfortable or embarrassed by your poses or gestures.


You can still dance with your friend-date and your other friends. You can dance to the fast songs and the slow songs. You can show off your moves or just sway to the music. Just remember to keep it friendly and platonic. Don’t get too close or too touchy with your friend-date. Save room for the friend zone!

Enjoy yourself

You can still enjoy yourself with your friend-date and your other friends. You can chat, laugh, joke, compliment, and have a good time. Just remember to stay away from flirting or leading them on. Make sure the signals you send are friend-signals, not romantic signals. Act how you normally act with them when you’re hanging out with your group of friends.

Going to prom with someone as “just friends” can be a wonderful experience. You can celebrate your friendship and have a blast with your peers. You just need to be honest, direct, and respectful with your friend-date. And most importantly, have fun!

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